For the Major family:

One time or recurring donations: Choose “Missionaries: Keith and Iwona Major”. Depending on your level of recurring giving, you become a HEART SPONSOR.


Make checks out to: MajorChange // 656 E Mandevilla Way, Azusa CA 91702


MajorChange is a 501(c)(3) ministry and all gifts are tax deductible. Your donations support our mission in:

  • Our ministry as Missionaries at Stone to Flesh Community and School of the Heart (min. 50 hours a week for each of us but it’s usually more).

  • #makeusone ecumenical projects and networking (about 8h a month)

  • Writing and printing projects: books, formation materials, podcast (Iwona is reprioritizing her commitments to start these projects )

  • International networking (about 4h a month)

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