MajorChange organized and coordinated the first ever Onething 2015 Catholic Ecumenical Track last year. Our speakers and worship leaders included Audrey Assad, Matt Maher, Dr. Mary Healy, Dan Burke, Fr. Emmanuel Mansford CFR, Fr. Michael Kmiotek CFR, Fr. Joshua Johnson, Tori Harris, Dave Moore, Tom Grossman and IHOPKC worship leaders: Justin Rizzo, John Thurlow, Ryan Kondo and Nathan Panke. 

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It seems often that God hides or camouflages Himself and we can not recognize His presence. As we seek Him, we search for the understanding of His ways through reading and meditating upon the Scriptures, prayer, and reflecting on existential circumstances. When our desire and determination grows, it is easier to stay attuned to the promises of our loyalty to Him but whenever we find ourselves in a spiritual desert or confused about happenings in our lives, we long for help. Can we be romanced to the fullness of Love or are we left with our human determination to wander around the garden of life, asking for enough grit to survive to the end? Audrey Assad led praise and worship and Dan Burke shared his incredible testimony about growing up in a dysfunctional family, and talked about the invisible God who draws hearts to Himself through paths that became especially clear to St. Teresa of Avila.

The Q&A panel with Dan Burke, Dr. Mary Healy. Fr. Emmanel Mansford CFR and Fr. Michael Kmiotek CFR answered questions related to personal prayer, intercession, spiritual warfare, struggles and challenges in developing spirituality, prayer life and staying committed.  

Tuesday: Paracletos

Who is the Holy Spirit and is He still forgotten or unintentionally neglected among believers in 21st century? Are His charisms real? Should the Book of Acts be our guide as we go out to the world? How do we receive, study, practice, and develop the gifts that He gives to the Body of Christ? Can we give what we do not have? What is life in the Spirit? Are we ready to risk living the life of disciples who are empowered, commissioned and send out? How to recognize and follow God's footsteps continually and not live on the previous times of anointing and spiritual prosperity. Dr. Mary Healy will share not only her expertise on these themes but also her experience of seeing people healed, delivered and made whole. 

The Q&A panel with Dr. Mary Healy, Fr. Joshua Johnson, Fr. Michael Kmiotek CFR, Fr. Emmanuel Mansford CFR and Victoria Harris answered questions about power encounters and power evaneglization, discernment, praying for healing and deliverance etc.  

Wednesday: Encounter

Is it possible to become God's vessel whose creativity, imagination and skills are fully depending on His grace and follow every movement of His heart? Is it possible to live for the audience of One Mover? What has the gift of poetry and musicianship to do with God's never ending inspiration? How does God speak to the heart of an artist and what responsibility does it leave? What kind of 'praise and worship' experience is true, not hyped and leads to redemptive encounter with God Himself? What should a 'worship leader' pay attention to while embarking on a journey with God? What personal aspects of spiritual growth are absolutely non-negotiable to those who are discovering, learning, and leading others in prayer or P&W? What does the life of an influential leader look like? Audrey Assad and Matt Maher shared their insights on living in hidden places of God's dwelling while serving with their gifts and about developing the virtue of ecstatic worship in a current culture demanding constant sensual and immediate gratifications. 

The Q&A panel with Audrey Assad, Matt Maher, Fr. Emmanuel Mansford CFR and IHOP worship leaders: Nathan Panke, Justin Rizzo, Jon Thurlow and Ryan Kondo answered questions about developing a heart of prayer, growing in personal holiness and becoming sensitive to the voice of the Spirit. They shared about creating and leading teams of musicians and singers who serve particular needs of their audiences as well as how Christians can work together in unity.


What does community life look like when people support, encourage, and help one another while being centered fully on Jesus? How can we develop a life of ora et labora as a community? What will change when we order our lives around a call that we receive from God, as a family, small group of friends, parish, club, organization, business, community, or neighborhood where our primary vocation is to know God, love Him and our neighbor and fulfill His plan? Balancing a Martha and Mary approach. How to channel the grace of God given to a community of believers into the works of mercy? Fr. Josh Johnson shared His experience of living a life fully consecrated to the Church's mission where the variety of pressures, expectations and responsibilities exist which can be answered only through a heart anchored prudently in God's wisdom and responding prophetically to the unctions that burden our hearts. 

The Q&A panel with Fr. Joshua Johnson, Tom Grossman, Matt Karr, Dave Moore and Fr. Emmanuel Mansford CFR answered questions about different forms of prayer-centered groups, ministries, and communities who are seeking to become a Bride that longs for Her Beloved and to organize all of their ministry around that goal. 

Epic Pew interviews Iwona:

How the whole Catholic Track came to be. Can't make this stuff up. Never give up. By Iwona Bednarz-Major

An intercessor's (lay Carmelite) perspective of Onething2015. By Marie Hosdil


Matt Maher, a Catholic musician who ministered with Pope Francis at World Youth Day in front of 3 million people, was one of the featured worship artists. (...) "As a Catholic Charismatic, I wept tears of joy so many times this week as I had the privilege of worshipping the living God with so many diverse brothers and sisters in Christ," Leslie Bertucci posted on the Onething app. Ryan Baptista also posted, "As a member of the Catholic Charismatic renewal, I've had a heart for what is happening at IHOP for many years and it was amazing to finally get out there and experience the prophetic worship and preaching firsthand. There was a beautiful unity across denominations this week." - Charisma Magazine

Hall stressed the ecumenical flavor of this year’s conference, scheduled to include Ronnie Floyd, president of the Southern Baptist Convention; Matt Maher, a Roman Catholic musician and worship leader; and Reinhard Bonnke, an international evangelist.Kansas City Star

We have given countless hours and personal undivided attention to this project, and we hope that it play a part in uniting Christians as One Bride. Please consider prayerfully contributing to the Catholic Ecumenical Track. Thanks!

View videos with mercy stories from the speakers, worship leaders and attendees of Onething 2015 (Catholics and IHOPKC missionaries): 

What can I do now?

#makeusone is a comittment to make a personal effort to initiate an encounter with someone from another Christian tradition, church or denomination for the purpose of engaging in prayer, conversation, meal or just for fun. So get out of your comfort zone and make a move.

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Partners & Friends

The Catholic Ecumenical Track gathered like-minded people who, fascinated by Jesus drawing them always closer to Himself and experiencing desire to go deeper into the knowledge of Christ and His Spirit, took this opportunity to meet, talk, eat, share their experience, and converse with those with similar vision of life in the communities based on the principles from the Book of Acts:

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