onething 2018 catholic ecumenical track

we are after His Presence

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Onething 2018 with CET: We participate in all main sessions. We meet for 2h daily (Dec. 29 - 31) for the Catholic Ecumenical Track for challenging teaching, prayer practicums, ministry time. We celebrate daily Mass (Dec. 28 - 31) and Adoration on Dec. 31 at the nearby Cathedral of St. Joseph (7 min walking distance from the Convention Center).

IHOP-KC Explore: Jan. 1-2: tour and experience the Prayer Room with its campus, tour IHOPKC University, meet IHOPKC staff; worship leaders: sit in briefings and de-briefings of worship teams.

Are you interested in Stone to Flesh School of the Heart? Or in starting Stone to Flesh cohorts in your city? Or maybe you have started or you want to start a community or a program/school and you are wondering what’s needed to do it in a Catholic context? Sign up as a group or an individual for a:

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