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from vampires to Christ

out-of-egypt.gif road-to-cana.jpg I rarely read magazines. In the last issue of TIME I've found something. Have you heard of Anne Rice? Well, for the last decades she is known in USA and all over the world for her writing genius.

She is known as an author of the "Vampire Chronicles" series ( one of them is "Interview with the vampire"). After 38 years of being an atheist, she says:

" came back to me. I had to stop writing about vampires, because they had been a metaphor for lost souls. Instead, I made up my mind to concentrate on Jesus Christ."

What caused it?

"Americans like to believe we turn to religion because of an accident or the loss of a loved one, but in my case it was simply the culmination of searching. I wrestled with a lot of theological questions, and then one afternoon, I thought, I love you--I want to go back to you."

One afternoon. One thought. One love.

That's what we do at IHOP, in a way. We pray a lot for those "one thought" moments to cross peoples minds, to pierce their hearts. We pray a lot for those "suddenlies" to invade peoples souls. We pray for those desires to "come back" to the first love to arise from within them.

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