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Evangelical Manifesto

Even TIME recognizes Evangelicals influence upon every aspect of life in USA. In 2007 Evangelicals constituted about 29 % of population in USA (Catholics 25%, main line Protestants 14%). Called to existence in 1942, National Association of Evangelicals gathered many, and today includes about 60 denominations with 45, 000 churches under it's wings. They are more heard about and more Media covered than other Christian groups. They are not easily defined and vary from country to country.

Evangelical Manifesto has been released. It's been worked on for 3 years and it should open up a discussion, reform the image of the Evangelicals in USA, call them to the rededicate their lives to Christ and possibly unite those who identify themselves with this group.

It is trying to redefine the core of evangelicalism, moving it from a politically obsessed right doers toward Christ fascinated, Sermon of the Mount followers, wanting to be

"defined theologically, and not politically, socially, or culturally."

Recognizing it's stand with time relevant causes (Wilberforce among others are mentioned) in the past, Manifesto calls Evangelicals for separation from any political views which lead to the peculiar position of being owned by it, and into the

"allegiance higher than party, ideology, economic system, and nationality."

According to the Manifesto, Evangelicals should oppose theocracy, prefer "religious liberty for people of all faiths", warning at the same time against European animosity toward any religious influences upon society. It also recognizes the age of Internet, as the globalization creeps upon every human being tempting the hearts with secularism as well as religious extremism.

Article by Os Guiness, regarding the Manifesto.

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