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If not for Poles you would

1. still think that the earth is the center of the universe (Mikolaj Kopernik had a good heliocentric theory some time ago, that shook the establishments of theories and thoughts) 2. be living in a cold war era (Pope John Paul II was a fundamental person to the falling of a communism)

3. be probably living in a Muslim Europe (king Sobieski in the siege of Vienna defeated the greatest so far military invasion by Muslims wanting to capture Europe and subdue her into new religious order)

4. read by the candle light and have no oil rafineries (Lukasiewicz), in consequence: no air pollution,

5. have to live without pierogi, golabki, bigos, flaczki, kapusniak, ogorkowa i barszcz (well, barszcz you would get maybe from Ukrainians or Russians, I suppose)

6. if in Europe, live in a communist (Pilsudski stopped Stalin's soviet invasion of Europe in 1920) or nazi (breaking of an Enigma code by Polish mathematicians helped with winning the WWII) country.

7. still jump through the Berlin wall (Solidarity movement brought Poland through the martial law into becoming a first country shaking off communism; other Eastern European countries followed shortly, including destruction of a Berlin wall)

8. have no use of polonium (discovered by Maria Sklodowska-Curie, first woman and first twice-honored Nobel laureate)

9. never hear some of the greatest music in the world, written by Fryderyk Szopen (Chopin)

I am having somewhat a patriotic day.

Watch this 10 minutes movie about Polish history which affected you, no matter where you live.


Tell me about your patriotic thoughts. :-)