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Trafficking in Person Report 2008

"On this trip, I've had sex with a 14-year-old girl in Mexico and a 15-year-old in Colombia. I'm helping them financially. If they don't have sex with me, they may not have enough food. If someone has a problem with me doing this, let UNICEF feed them."

Retired U.S. Schoolteacher

click on the picture to go to Trafficking in Person Report 2008 by US Department of State

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21 kids rescued from child sex trafficking in USA

News from today: FBI arrested 389 people involved in human trafficking and prostitution, after raids in 16 cities across the country. According to CNN, those involved in child trafficking are facing federal charges, which might end up in life sentences. Innocence Lost National Initiative, till today rescued more than 400 kids and led to persecution of 308 persons. Last week they held the largest operation since 2005.

Finally someone is being serious about it. I wonder how many of the victims were from abroad.

click on the photo to go to the TRADE web site

If you want to see a recent movie about the subject, watch "Trade" Movie (free online). The story evolves around Eastern European and Mexican girls, human trafficked from Mexico to USA, humiliated, abused and treated like slaves.


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modern slavery map

Got this today from Not for Sale: The UNDERGROUND


Bringing down walls. Building bridges. Beginning the process of renewal by shedding light into darkness. With the launch of we hope that Not For Sale's core ethos of collaboration and collective change continues to grow.

Now you can reach out to local service providers, law enforcement, legal teams, and government officials by using to highlight the work of the modern-day abolitionist at home and across the world. Together we will continue to peel back the veil of modern-day slavery.

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hands and feet chopped off and then burned

“I am very frightened,”

said Patson Chipiro, head of the Zimbabwean opposition party in Mhondoro district, after learning about his wife's death by mutilation and fire.

“They want to kill me. But I have no alternative. My presence here as a leader is very important. If I leave, everyone else will leave. I intend to fight the battle, from here.”

I am numb, speechless. What are men capable to do to their fellow humans?

The story here.

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