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The fulfilment of all desire

I have met Ralph Martin when he came to Poland with John Wimber. They were the main speakers at the conference in Warsaw, where about 3, 000 believers (Catholics and Protestants) gathered to hear about Jesus' love and power operating in our times. 15 years later, I've just finished Martin's book "The fulfilment of all desire".

by Ralph Martin


This is not a book only for those who think that they are called to a "life of prayer" (by the way, how else we can communicate and fellowship with God Himself?). It is not only for those who recognize an intercessory role as their primary function within the body of Christ. It's not only for those who identify themselves as evangelicals or charismatics or mystics or emergent church.

It's for those who:

  • desire to acknowledge that there is a depth to the knowledge of God, which we, in our "instant society" are lacking profoundly
  • those who are experiencing hunger for God
  • those who love challenges
  • those who believe that inspiration of the past generations can be valuable
  • those who want to go deeper in understanding the ways to reach their Creator
  • those who need biblical proof that all of these mystics are right
  • don't understand why things are happening, when they laid down their whole lives to Jesus
  • those who struggle with prayer life
  • those who are tired of seven-points-to-successful-prayer
  • those who are searching for the ancient truths spoken in a modern language
  • those who love God Himself above everything else, who burned the bridges, who know that there is nothing else to come back to, but are apprehensive of stepping into the unknown
  • those who want to become saints ( and I am quite serious about that one)

If you were struggling while reading "Fire within" by T. Dubay, this is "easier to read" version for the same subject - prayer.


You will be messed up for some time, possibly for life...

You will discover (if you don't know yet) that the whole body of Christ should be greatful to the Catholics for their wisdom...

You will wonder why no one told you these things before, and how come all of it is in the Bible...

You will discover something about yourself that someone else already knew hundreds years ago...

You will feel that you are a part of something bigger...



names day

Today is my names day. In Poland and some other European countries, celebration of "names day" is more elaborate than a birthday. You get presents, flowers and you party. In most calendars, almost every day has few first names mentioned in it. For example, on May 23rd, people with names: Iwona, Emilia, Dezydery, are having their names day. On that day, every person named with this first name celebrates a names day. Names day's origin comes from Christian church calendar, where on certain days of the year certain saints are mentioned. This tradition comes from an early church, when believers wanted to remember the martyrs who gave their life for Christ.

There are names, of course, which are repeated few times in a calendar during the year, because there was more than one person with given first name, who ended up being recognized as a saint by a Catholic church.

Your first given name should be picked by parents after some saint, whom they believe, will watch over you thorughout your life.

Meaning of my name comes from the root "iv" - "yew". The strongest bows were made from this tree for centuries, so it symbolizes strength. It is an evergreen tree, so it symbolizes eternity.

As for the saint patrons. That would be probably John Baptist Rossi, but there are 2 of them. One was a Carmelite General, who recognized the call on Theresa's of Avilla life, and encouraged her to start more monasteries.

The other one was a priest from Italy in XVII century, who took care and preached to the poorest of the poor, and one of the greatest confessors during this time.

The other option for my saints patron would be saint Ivo of Chartres, bishop and teacher, imprisoned for opposing king's attempt to abandon his wife.

So... check the Saints Calendar by date or Saints calendar by name, pick a date, learn about your patron, and feast.