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zdobycz duchowa. spiritual gain. day 11

photo by Lateefa

zdobycz duchowa spiritual gain

łatwa do stracenia jest so easy to loose

pamięć o niej jednak the remembrance of it

drąży w zakamarkach hollows out in the nooks

jestestwa of being

nie pozwala chodzić w zastanej rzeczywistości forbidding to walk in a known reality

kto bowiem raz skosztował because who once tasted

nie zadowoli się ochłapem will not be pleased with the scrap

samej pamięci of a mere remembrance

lecz wyrwie serce swoje but will tore his heart out

zostawi wszystko will leave everything

nie będzie już grzebać umarłych will not bury the dead

lecz popędzi but will rush off

do źródła egzystencji to the source of existence

do sedna sprawy zajrzy will look into the heart of the matter

jak do studni like into the well

i ujrzy oblicze Boga samego to catch a glimpse of God's countenance

w zwierciadle duszy in the mirror of his soul

stęsknionej za Panem longing for the Lord

tylko ten krzyż plącze się między nogami

only this cross entangled around me

co by tu z nim zrobić

what could I do with it



tears in a bottle

until the shadows flee away

raise me up to the firmness of your rare whispers

until the shadows flee away

offer me a breath formed out of the twisters of your never-ending life

until the shadows flee away

return my present to the past broken crystal tears

until the shadows flee away

collect every drop of shackled misery in your bottle of memories

i see the reflection of my-panicked-self

in the mirrored bare salted tears

why does it seem so drastically familiar

until i reach the crack leading to the sea of glass

hide me behind your muslin veil of presence

make a new label for the bottle

with a prolonged term of use

I thirst

You have kept record of my days of wandering.

You have stored my tears in your bottle and counted each of them.

Ps 56:8



how can I describe

perplexions of a heart immersed in unpredicted freedom

sight stunned by the infinite possibilities of creation's wonders

innocent curiosity developing into contemplative art of searching

for the universe of life

so close by

so vast



Refresh me

He brought me to the banqueting house

and his banner over me was love

Sustain me with raisins

refresh me with apples

for I am sick with love.

I forgot to be lovesick

my alarm clock wakes me up only for the common things

Refresh my broken irregular perception

for the vastness of the gentle breeze

Your Ruah is drawing me in

elevate my thinking above the trivial

swirling of lasting ever will drown me in your love

swiftly overwhelm me

before the alarm clock will scream again

i am weak

you are God

sustain me


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