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American boys forced by father to memorize Koran in Pakistani school

I've read this post today and it is about: 2 American boys, sons of a Pakistani taxi driver in USA, were tricked by their father. Thinking they are going on a vacation, the were send to a Pakistani madrassa school, were the only thing they study is memorization of Koran. It's important to mention that their knowledge of Arabic language is limited. They predict that it will take them about 7 years to finish the memorization.

As the background of the story you will hear proud principal of the school convincing the audience that among his students he has many foreigners, even from the Western countries. He assures that after the initial month or two of readjustment, the children are so content in the new place, that they do not want to go back to their families. He also speaks about the educational aspect of the "curriculum" provided.

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8 year old divorced her 30 year old husband

Read part 1 and part 2

She got her divorce papers!

“I hated nights because they usually meant that my husband would come to my bed. I used to run from him and he would chase me and beat me and do his thing. I pray that my younger sisters do not face the same fate,” said Nojoud. Now the 8-year-old is living with her uncle and his family in relative safety."

According to research on early marriage in Yemen from Oxfam and the United Nations Population Fund, there are severe physical consequences that result from early marriage and subsequent early childbirth such as nutritional anemia, post-partum hemorrhages, obstetric fistula (a disorder that affects the bladder and causes leaking of urine or feces), plus mother and infant mortality. Additionally, many girls like Nojoud develop irreparable psychological complexes from early marriage and the forced sexual encounters that accompany it. Early marriage also contributes to divorce and family problems.

"On April 15, with support from her lawyer Shatha Mohammed Nasser and Judge Abud Al-Khaleaq Ghowber, Nojoud paid her way out of marriage with YR 100,000 from an anonymous donor in the Emirates and happily became an 8-year-old divorcee." “Although Nojoud does not know her real birthday, I believe this day she was born again and it would be apt to celebrate this day as the first day of her new life,” said Nasser.

“I am so happy to be free and I will go back to school and will never think of getting married again," Nojoud said joyfully. "It is a good feeling to be rid of my husband and his bad treatment.”

According to the International Center for Research on Women’s 2007 statistics, Yemen is one of 20 developing countries where early marriage is common. Nearly half of all Yemeni girls are married before the age of 18. Most women have their first child immediately after their first menstruation cycle and are likely to have a child every 12 months during their reproductive lifespan. Yemen's fertility rate is extremely high, with an average 6.3 children per each woman, and the country also has some of the highest mother and infant mortality rates worldwide.

Read the whole article here.

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More Muslims than Catholics

After reading this story, I learned today that: All Christians constitute about 33% of the world population.

17.4% of the world population are Catholics.

Muslims reached 19.2% mark of global population.

So what about the "Muslims overpopulating, doomsday" predictions?

According to this site:

"Over the last six years the Muslim population has grown about two-thirds of a percentage point a year faster than the world population. With compounding, that means that it would take about 100 years for the Muslim world to double its percentage from 20% to 40%."

So are we closer to the Eurabia or not?


According to professor Philip Jenkins of Penn State University, by year 2100, Muslims will compose about 25% of Europe's population. If the earth will survive that long and if Jesus does not come back sooner, which is very highly probable.

Europe will not change to Eurabia because of the population issues it faces. Rather not, unless something catastrophic happens and wipes out the old European folks, leaving the space for more of the immigrants to come.

By saying this I am not underestimating and not undermining growing issues of unhappiness of Muslims not feeling welcomed or truly integrated (by their standards) into the EU community. Every day news from almost every EU country show the clashes of the cultures.

The problem is not in a rapid or not that fast growth of the Muslim population, although it requires a lot of governments of EU to rethink their policies. The problem is rather cultural, moral and lastly, spiritual.

Islamic society can't be build around democracy. (Not that democracy is the best political system.) I lived in 2 Muslim, rather strict countries (Saudi Arabia was one of them, can't get closer to the one of most orthodox versions of Islam than that). True Islam demands all of the aspects of life to be established on the principles of worshiping Allah. And Europe, no matter how post-Christian, atheistic, liberal and fallen in morals might sound, was established on the Christian ideas. And, I must say it, Muslims and Christians are not worshiping the same God. And I am not sorry to say so.

Muslim voice in Europe is heard louder and clearer not because their population is growing dramatically higher, but because their way of expressing faith demands drastic changes from the surrounding neighbors.

I mean, why the whole EU has to have a discussion about the scarfs of Muslim girls in France. Why the whole Europe has to be afraid of crossing the line of the free speech ( I mean civilized debates) as to not offend Muslims? Why on some EU countries Islamic laws are already included and integrated into the legal systems. So now they have their own law, separately form the rest of the society of a given country.

On the end I must say, I am not against Muslims. But I think Europe is already facing the reality of compromising it's values to accommodate Islamic traditions. Read BBC news daily for about a month or so and for sure you will hear about the issues arising constantly.

And I am just a homeschooling mother from Poland, living in USA. What do I know anyway?

At the end, this is the news about Magdi Allam, a widely known Italian Muslim, deputy editor of “Corriere della Sera", who on the Easter vigil converted to Catholicism, and was baptized by pope B16:


"Magdi Allam wrote a letter to his own paper on Easter Sunday in which he issued a twofold call: first to he encouraged other Muslims who have converted to Catholicism to come out publicly and secondly he called on the Church to be “less prudent” about converting Muslims.According to Allam, in Italy “there are thousands of converts to Islam who peacefully live their faith. But there are also thousands of Muslim converts who are constrained to hide their new faith.”

This, of course, infuriates the Muslims in Europe and in general. But, when a Christian converts to Islam, it infuriates me too. So...