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Telma Loux

Another girl from IHOP, Telma Loux, was prayed for yesterday in Lakeland, April 30th. She is diagnosed with a 115 degrees scoliosis, compressing her inner organs.

She was adopted by Derek and Renne Loux few years ago. Derek is a FMA (Forerunner Music Academy) founder here at IHOP-KC. They adopted 3 children altogether and have 2 biological daughters. This spring they are finalizing an adoption of 2 boys from Ukraine, both special needs. Their desire is to build a home for as many orphans as possible, take care of them and give glory to God. Derek is a key leader at IHOP-KC. Lately he is traveling with theCall, leading worship and teaching.

Here is Telma's blog telling about the adoption of these two boys.

Telma is a beautiful, young girl, so full of joy, despite her struglings with health.

Here is Telma's story.

You can watch her being prayed for on April 30th here at about 2:00:00.

They will be there one and a half more days. Please, pray for Telma.



Kelsey Hays in Lakeland

We know Kelsey. Here is the latest report from Elijah's list about her visit to Lakeland.

By Teresa Neumann: An ElijahList and Breaking Christian News Exclusive:
"Young Girl Goes to Heavenly Surgery Room; Receives Healing From Crippling Diseases"

A desperate missionary family, unfamiliar with healing revivals, takes their daughter to Lakeland where she has an encounter with Jesus. Written and reported by: Teresa Neumann from Breaking Christian News

(Lakeland, Florida)--Pastor Stephen Strader of Ignited Church in Lakeland, Florida, where a massive revival has broken out, contacted Breaking Christian News about an amazing healing that took place there on Saturday, April 26, in which 14-year-old Kelsey Hays was healed from multiple autoimmune diseases.

I telephoned Kelsey's mother, Lesley, of Kansas City, Missouri, on Tuesday, April 29, to ask her for details of what happened. She and Kelsey were still in Lakeland, preparing to fly back to Kansas City where they attend the International House of Prayer (IHOP).

Some background on Kelsey and her family:

At the age of 9, Kelsey was diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease, an autoimmune related thyroid condition. Later she acquired Hepatitis C, which her mother says she "fought off," but in the process, it left her body weakened and subject to other immunological diseases.

Mr. and Mrs. Hays and their family have been missionaries in Mexico, and most recently, Ecuador for at least ten years. In September of last year, they had arrived back in the states for a furlough. Shortly thereafter in October, Kelsey fell victim to a variety of increasingly serious illnesses. She had her gallbladder removed and during surgery, doctors noticed that her liver was scarred and infected. Later, doctors believed inflammation from the infection had entered the lining of her stomach and was attacking her central nervous system. By April, Kelsey's parents and her baffled doctors were at their wit's end. She was in continual, intense, and severely crippling pain, taking up to 30 pills a day to try and manage it.

Then recently, someone at the Hays' church approached them with news of the revival in Lakeland and offered to pay the family's way there. Though they had never experienced meetings like the ones they were about to attend, the Hays were desperate. Also, Lesley said Kelsey had shared with their church a significant vision Kelsey had in March of this year, the Saturday before Easter Sunday. In the vision, Kelsey said she found herself connected to an IV, standing before the Throne of God. Jesus came down and cut the IV tube and then God the Father came down, removed the IV from her hand, took off her hospital gown and said, "It's done!"

"The day after the vision," noted Lesley, "was the worst day of pain Kelsey ever had."

Saturday, April 26, Lakeland, Florida:

By the time Kelsey and her parents arrived at the venue in Lakeland, it was 6:00pm. The lines of people stretching for blocks outside of the church told them that it was filled to capacity and they would not be able to get in. Standing in the crowd, the Hays' heard story after story of healings and miracles happening around the world, even to those not present in the meetings. Somehow, Lesley and Kelsey were finally able to get in (Lesley thought because they had helped another suffering couple to get in), but Mr. Hays remained outside.

Kelsey was in so much pain and so fatigued, she couldn't walk. Her mother literally dragged, and half-carried her up to the only space available in the balcony, where they began to cry and worship the Lord. "It's all we could do," she said. Standing next to them were a man and woman, complete strangers. The woman turned to Kelsey and said, "I believe God wants to give you new organs" (Kelsey's gallbladder had been removed). The man looked at Lesley and said, "I just saw you in a dream recently. I saw myself carrying your daughter down to the stage to get prayer."

Even though at the time, Todd Bentley was taking testimonies from people who had been healed, the man offered to help take Kelsey down to get prayer. Lesley, unfamiliar with the type of meeting she was in, was afraid of breaking protocol and hesitated. Moments later, Todd stopped the testimonies and said, "I see someone with an IV pain drip in their left arm. Who is that?" Remembering Kelsey's vision of standing before the Throne with her IV, her mother took up the man's offer. He carried Kelsey down to the stage. Todd prayed a simple prayer, touched Kelsey's forehead, and she fell out under the power of the Spirit for about 45 minutes, said Lesley.

What was happening to Kelsey during this time? According to her mother, Kelsey said while she was "out" she was taken to Heaven. She found herself in a celestial surgical room where Jesus stood next to her looking right down at her, directly face-to-face. He said to her, "Keep your eyes on Me, Kelsey. It'll be ok."

She saw angels all around her; she felt them kneading her stomach, doing deep massage on her entire body, especially her legs and arms which had been so weak. At one point while Kelsey was lying on the floor under the Spirit, her mother said Todd announced publicly: "Look! There's angels over her."

When Kelsey finally came to and stood up, Todd asked her how she felt. "I feel nothing," said Kelsey. "I feel NO PAIN!"

watch it here, at about 03:38:00

Kelsey has been in NO PAIN since she experienced God's extraordinary touch of healing! She's feeling just like a 14-year old girl should feel.

You can continue watching this extraordinary healing revival in Lakeland, Florida, and hear the testimonies that come out of it on or



Father's day

I don't have many memories about my father, and all of them, except two, are dark and rather terrifying.

The bad

1. Fear. My father running around the dark wooden table with an ax, chasing my mom, yelling and threatening to kill her. I am in my bed, somewhere around 2-3 years old. I cry very loud, I scream from fear of loosing my mom, my world, the only known safety. Everything is collapsing around me. I can't control my breathing, my throat hurts, an my heart pounds very hard. The thoughts of loosing my mom and possibly loosing my life leave me paralyzed. I can't move, I can't run, I can't do anything, except scream uncontrollably.

2. My father takes me to the bar. I don't know what to expect. When I go in, I see few tables. The smell of the cigarettes chokes me, the smoke lingers everywhere. It's very loud. Every table is surrounded by few men, drinking mostly beer, at this time of the day, early afternoon. The beer glasses are sticky, drinks are spilled everywhere. Loud conversations between not quite sober men, sliced in between with the few shouts of those who can't control their tone of voice any more. I sit on a chair by one table. My father introduces me to his friends. He seems to be quite proud of me. They ask me questions, but I can't understand all of them, they are mumbling plus the noise around kills the sound of their voices. They are drinking beer. I feel like I don't belong to this world, where my father feels comfortable. He wanted to take me out somewhere, and I don't remember nothing except this steamy, sleazy atmosphere on one common afternoon.

3. My father ringing the door bell. My grandmother lets him in, and he collapses in the hall. He is so drunk, he can't even talk. My mom looks at him with disgust, my grandmother just pulls him inside, so she can shut the door. He lays there, smelling bad, not conscious, maybe sleeping. I am looking at him and I am glad he can't hurt us tonight. We go to our rooms and we close the doors, hoping that we will not have to deal with this situation till the morning. Just another night...

4. My father tells me a story: "When the children are not good, then a bad, old man comes to the door, carrying a huge sack on his back, and he puts the naughty kids inside and carries them away". I wonder if he made that story up, or if he heard it from someone else. I know it's not true, but I am afraid of the unknown. I think about this story often afterwords.

photo by Smodger

The good

I couldn't remember nothing positive about him. One time, when I was about 20, I asked God to bring to my memory at least one joyous moment connected with my father. Immediately, and quite unexpectedly I remembered it.

It was in our room. (We lived in one room, my grandmother in the other, and we shared the kitchen). Suddenly I see a bright sunlight spreading around the room. My father is laughing out loud, throwing me in the air, and catching me in his arms, when I fall down. This is the only memory, when I don't fear him, when he is sober, and when his eyes are crystal clear blue. Like mine. I laugh out loud, falling gently into his arms. This is the first moment in my life, when I can thank my Father in heaven for my earthly father.

My father was an alcoholic. He left me and my mom, when I was few years old. Since then I saw him twice.

In my early twenties I visited him. But that's another story...

Today I don't even know if he is alive.