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knocking at the door

What I love about Easter European countries is, that you can visit people unexpectedly almost any time you want, and they will host you as you were the king and queen of England. There is always plenty of food, interesting conversations (not just chatting about irrelevant things of life), friendliness and openness. I miss very close relationships.

People still value friendships more than anything else, and they rather find time to meet with others, than to do anything else. Although you can feel the change in the speed of life, people are more busy and involved in many more activities, still the Polish soul thrives on close encounters.

As I wrote before:

I realized again, how different the Eastern European soul is from the Western counterpart. We are soooooooo…relationship oriented,

home-cooked food lovers,

late night talkers,

tea drinkers,

down to earth practical, but also unapologetically romantic,

strongly opinionated, critical, but instantly mesmerized by suddenly spotted beauty,

painfully realistic, but captivated by melancholic poetry…