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Gentle L'Apotre

When you search for me, you will find me; if you seek me with all your heart, I will let you find me.
— Jeremiah 29:13

"L'Apotre" (Apostle) is a French film by Cheyenne Carron telling a story of a French Muslim coming from a practicing Muslim family being drawn by the love of Christ and eventually converting to Christianity. Viewing of this movie was prohibited in France in fear of social repercussions. It was shown in the Vatican during Mirabile Dictu International Catholic Film Festival in 2014 as one of the three movies in the category of Best Films. Carron won the award as a film with high value of evangelization and rightly because finally I can say that this is a move in the right direction if we consider the idea of the new evangelization in the film department. The film has the feel of a documentary, with lyrical stops accompanied by driving music, to underline the concept of internal turmoil, invisible waves of grace. Family scenes are very realistic, dismantled of staged rehearsals. 

Despite a low budget and Carron's fight for making this project come to fruition, it comes out as true, poignant and successful, not preachy (finally) and a personal depiction of the inner journey.

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war dance

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Striking stories of kids living in the war zone in Uganda, and given opportunities to compete as a school in a national music/dance competition, are taking the chance and going to Kampala. You will meet many wonderful kids, abut three of them in particular are sharing their horror stories, which keep them in the dungeons of fear, hate, sorrow, depression, rejection and lack of hope for better future. Singing, playing and dancing takes them to a new dimension of life, provides a way to experience confidence and ignites hope.

Excellent documentary.



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if you hate Jews or Muslims the movie called "Arranged", about two teachers from 2 different worlds, one Muslim, the other Jewish Orthodox.

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Both of them come from families with traditional, deeply rooted in faith and customs, families. Both are young teachers. Both don't fit the modern Brooklyn's chick-girl's scheme. Both should get married soon, trusting that their traditional ways of finding spouses must work for them, as it worked for their parents. Both want their opinions and choices to be recognized, valued and respected. Both are surprised over and over, how the outside world boxed them out, without even asking a question. Both are intelligent, beautiful and committed. Both are challenging people around them to reconsider the status quo thinking patterns.

What a breath of fresh air. Someone from the Oscar's crowd should pay more attention to films like that. It is witty, funny, involving, eyes opening and just plainly great.

Watch it on Netflix instant.

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22 weeks. the movie in the making

Forerunner Films has been making a documentary about this story ( a woman having a baby in the bathroom of an abortion clinic, trying to save the baby after initially wanting to kill it). They started 3 days ago and they should be finished tomorrow night.

It started with a vision which a guy called Ángel Manuel Soto had carried for some time. Ángel is an intercessory missionary at IHOP-KC and a freelance videographer. He also attends The Call Institute (TCI) directed by Lou Engle.

He shared this story with theCall class. Lou Engle and others started to pray for the vision to become reality in the making. This vision became Angel's obsession (some people would use the more appropriate word CALLING). People prayed. In the natural it seemed impossible. No equipment, no money. People prayed. After one of the meetings one girl approached him and offered an amount which was like an injection of faith to look forward to this project.

Then the story goes wild. Through some miraculous intervention, He gets an invitation to chat with the director of Bella movie. People prayed. He flies to Hollywood, spends some time with Alejandro Monteverde, director of Bella. He promises some help. People are praying really seriously now.

That's how what was impossible a month ago, is happening right now. Cinematographer, a friend of Alejandro, flew in, and some of IHOP-KC's Media crew (including my American husband) have been engaging in everything. With the budget they have, they had only 4 days for shooting (this will be the cheapest made documentary ever). They are busy, exhausted, overtired (yesterday they were shooting till 3 am) and overworked. But it's all for His glory.

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