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22 weeks. the movie in the making

Forerunner Films has been making a documentary about this story ( a woman having a baby in the bathroom of an abortion clinic, trying to save the baby after initially wanting to kill it). They started 3 days ago and they should be finished tomorrow night.

It started with a vision which a guy called Ángel Manuel Soto had carried for some time. Ángel is an intercessory missionary at IHOP-KC and a freelance videographer. He also attends The Call Institute (TCI) directed by Lou Engle.

He shared this story with theCall class. Lou Engle and others started to pray for the vision to become reality in the making. This vision became Angel's obsession (some people would use the more appropriate word CALLING). People prayed. In the natural it seemed impossible. No equipment, no money. People prayed. After one of the meetings one girl approached him and offered an amount which was like an injection of faith to look forward to this project.

Then the story goes wild. Through some miraculous intervention, He gets an invitation to chat with the director of Bella movie. People prayed. He flies to Hollywood, spends some time with Alejandro Monteverde, director of Bella. He promises some help. People are praying really seriously now.

That's how what was impossible a month ago, is happening right now. Cinematographer, a friend of Alejandro, flew in, and some of IHOP-KC's Media crew (including my American husband) have been engaging in everything. With the budget they have, they had only 4 days for shooting (this will be the cheapest made documentary ever). They are busy, exhausted, overtired (yesterday they were shooting till 3 am) and overworked. But it's all for His glory.

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Council of Europe for abortion

Council of Europe Approves Resolution Asking Nations to Legalize Abortion Strasbourg, France ( -- The Council of Europe approved a resolution calling on its member nations to legalize abortion or pave the way for more abortions if they've already done so. Pro-life advocates in Ireland, Malta and Poland are concerned the measure will add to pressure to force them to overturn their pro-life laws.

The report calls on all 47 member countries to guarantee ‘‘women’s effective exercise of their right to abortion and to lift restrictions which hinder access to safe abortion."

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe passed the resolution on a 102-69 vote with 14 members abstaining.

The council also rejected amendments from pro-life members to weaken some of the pro-abortion language.

"Today is a tragic day for Europe, not least because this report in favor of even more killing of unborn children was rushed through the Assembly without proper scrutiny," Pat Buckley of the British Society for the Protection of Unborn Children said after watching the vote.

"Tragically, this is the first time that any international document has asserted a right to abortion," he added.

Buckley said the rules for debate made it hard for pro-life advocates to limit the expansiveness of the pro-abortion resolution.

"Plenary session speeches were limited to three minutes, amendment speeches to 30 seconds and scrutiny by the Assembly's legal affairs committee denied," he said.

As other pro-life advocates have noted, the only silver lining in the vote is that the Council of Europe doesn't have the same legal weight as the European Union.

"The only consolation is that the resolution is not legally binding," Buckley said.

Nigel Dodds, MP and MLA for Belfast North, deputy leader of the Democratic Unionist Party and a minister in the Northern Ireland executive, also bemoaned the vote.

"It's a sad day for the unborn child in Europe, but the fight goes on," he said.

Buckley indicated that Christos Pourgourides of Cyprus, on behalf of the conservative (EPP/CD) group, asked for the legal affairs committee to examine the resolution as the panel normally does.

However, abortion advocates defeated the request on a vote so the pro-abortion resolution wouldn't be softened or defeated there.

As reported on Tuesday, the Catholic bishops of Malta released a joint statement on Tuesday saying they strongly opposed the report.

Before that, Irish lawmakers said they would vigorously oppose the resolution.

Drastic pictures of aborted, first trimester babies (click here)

Aborcja będzie tematem obrad Rady Europy

Strasburg, 15.04.2008

Aborcja będzie tematem obrad Rady Europy. Nie powiodła się próba zdjęcia z porządku obrad kontrowersyjnego raportu w sprawie przerywania ciąży. O zdjęcie tego punktu z programu posiedzenia zgromadzenia plenarnego w Strasburgu wnioskował Ignacio Cosido Gutierrez, chrześcijański demokrata z Hiszpanii.

Za jego propozycją głosowało 48 deputowanych, a przeciwko było 70, a 12 członków zgromadzenia wstrzymało się od głosu. Dyskusja nad dokumentem odbędzie się w środę 16 kwietnia.

Projekt raportu, opracowany przez austriacką posłankę Giselę Wurm, wzywa państwa członkowskie Rady Europy do zniesienia wszelkich przeszkód utrudniających prawny lub praktyczny dostęp do przerywania ciąży „bez ryzyka”. Dokument stwierdza jednocześnie, że aborcja nie może być środkiem służącym planowaniu rodziny oraz że – o ile to możliwe – należy unikać przerywania ciąży. Raport spotkał się ze zdecydowaną krytyką przedstawicieli różnych krajów, w tym Polski i Malty.

Na projekt posłanki z ramienia austriackich socjaldemokratów krytycznie zareagowała także niemiecka organizacja antyaborcyjna Dzieło Kolpinga. „Nie wolno się zgodzić na deklarację, zalecającą wprowadzanie prawa do aborcji” - stwierdził przewodniczący Dzieła Thomas Dörflinger.

Jako alternatywę jego organizacja zaproponowała ustawodawstwo niemieckie. Określa ono aborcję jako czyn niezgodny z prawem. Można jej jednak dokonać, unikając kary, tylko po udokumentowanym zasięgnięciu porady.



Adoption not abortion

I watched "Lake of Fire" last night. Over 150 minutes of controversial, extreme, disturbing, intense, unsettling, provocative and revealing opinions, pictures, scenes from life, dialogues, criticism, discussions, demonstrations, concerts. Both "sides", pro-life and pro-choice are pictured, although from a narrow (in my humble opinion), "media -minded, picked to provoke" perspective. It does not depict "pro-life" movement justly, concentrating mostly on one organization. The power of black and white images depicts the reality in a sobering way.

In this documentary you will find a lot of "talking heads". Somewhere there you will hear moving testimony of Norma McCorvey (legendary Jane Roe from Roe vs. Wade ). You can read about her story on CNN here. There is one very bizzare scene from a concert of some wanna-be-music-band, where one of the women is singing basically naked (at about 1h 20min into the movie, for about 4 minutes if you want to skip this part). After somewhat strange appearance, one of the band members shares:

"How many babies are there now who are not loved, who are not taken care of...and we do have abortion... and we still have them... all these people who are against abortion, if they want to take all those babies, bring them up and love them... that would be wonderful... in the perfect world that would be the most beautiful thing, but... as it is, it's not gonna happen...these fundamentalists are the same people who a lot of times are bigots, they would never have a black child in their home...why are they not adopting all the kids out of the orphanages... I see homeless pregnant women on the streets... go and pick one up... take her home, take care of her."

Later on, another woman continues in a similar way:

"If they would care, they would do something different. They would be by the doors of the orphanages, and they would go in there and literally take every child in there home with them. If they really and truthfully care, instead of standing outside the abortion clinics, intimidating women, they would take these women in their arms and say: come home with me, let me give you shelter and time to think."

This raises a very serious question, which must be addressed. At IHOP-KC we have a few families who are literally doing just that: adopting babies, which were ones considered to be aborted, but had found families ready to take them in, or adopting children who are already placed in the orphanages. I am full of reverence toward those who have been given grace to serve in this capacity. They are the ones who are becoming the voice of the church, according to James1:27 (NIV), accepting the responsibility of an "adoptive family" to those who otherwise would be neglected or killed :

Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

The very end of this documentary is worth sitting through the whole 2.5 hours. You have to see this to the last minute. It will change you.

Caution: vivid graphics, scenes with nudity. Absolutely only for adult audiences.

If you are Netflix subscriber, it is available at "Instant watch" tag.

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