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Girls for Sale

New York Times columnist, Nicholas Kristof, double winner of the Pulitzer Price, had a very interesting experience with attempts of rescuing young girls from the Cambodian world of human sex trafficking. This page from the New York Times offers a few articles describing his efforts and the fate of the two girls, who were sold into prostitution, and were purchased with cash by Nicholas Kristof so that they would be freed. Worth reading. Video (a series of videos) of this and related stories from Cambodia.

Also, a video about a Pakistani woman escaping from a brothel.

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American boys forced by father to memorize Koran in Pakistani school

I've read this post today and it is about: 2 American boys, sons of a Pakistani taxi driver in USA, were tricked by their father. Thinking they are going on a vacation, the were send to a Pakistani madrassa school, were the only thing they study is memorization of Koran. It's important to mention that their knowledge of Arabic language is limited. They predict that it will take them about 7 years to finish the memorization.

As the background of the story you will hear proud principal of the school convincing the audience that among his students he has many foreigners, even from the Western countries. He assures that after the initial month or two of readjustment, the children are so content in the new place, that they do not want to go back to their families. He also speaks about the educational aspect of the "curriculum" provided.

Watch this video here

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