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MUSIC to raise your awareness


This Summer, Not For Sale hits the MUSIC scene!

Whether you're an inspired listener or an aspiring artist, Not For Sale offers you even more ways to synthesize your passion with the fight to end modern-day slavery!

Join Not For Sale at SOULFEST July 30 - August 2

SoulfestSoulfest is New England's premier Multi-day Music Festival and Family Retreat. Soulfest has 5 stages featuring over 100 world renown Christian artists and speakers. SoulFest is four days and nights of inspiring music, activites, and fellowship, all in a safe and beautiful setting. Whether camping on site or locally, or staying in one of the many motels, condos, and hotels, or attending for the day, SoulFest offers a unique and inspiring experience for families, church and youth groups, as well as individuals.

Since its inception, SoulFest has evolved to become champions of smaller New England based charities as well as continuing an effort to raise awareness and inspire responses to the plight of Africans, the results of extreme poverty in the US and abroad, modern slavery, and other critical issues. Jesus wasn't giving advice when He said to Love our neighbor and look out after the least of these. Matthew 25: 1-46 is printed in every issue of the festival program.

This year, Not For Sale has partnered with Soulfest to bring awareness about modern-day slavery. Come out to support NFS and hang out with David Batstone and Kique Bazan after they speak from main stage! Go HERE to learn more and purchase your tickets!

Message from a lead singer, with a heart to contribute....


"Hello! My name is Felicity (Flee), and I'm lead singer for a band called The Sum in Athens, G. Ever since the first time I heard about human trafficking (more specifically, young girls in Cambodia being sold into brothels) 3 years ago my heart has ached to be a part of raising efforts to help in any way I could.

I've been looking for ways to help through music and the band. Today, through what I believe to be divine intervention, I arrived at your website.

My desire is to have a part of our concerts be exposing the audience to the reality of modern-day slavery, and to provide them with the knowledge they need to make a difference themselves, in more mays than just monetarily."

Felicity has since joined OURSTAGE to advocate on behalf of Not For Sale. You too can join today!

Calling all bands & musicians!

NFS has connected with OURSTAGE, an online music promoter, to raise awareness about human trafficking..... through your music and fans!

How it works:

  • You (or your band) join OurStage and declare that you are committed to fighting human trafficking and to support Not For Sale Campaign by adding the OurStage banner to your website.
  • Just by registering, you have already raised $10 that will be donated immediately by OurStage directly to Not For Sale.
  • Also, every time you get one of your fans to click on the banner and sign up for OurStage, $3 will be donated to Not For Sale.
  • You can also encourage your fans to make contributions beyond the OurStage donations. The funds you have raised for the campaign will be displayed on your OurStage profile and your website.

Click HERE to join OURSTAGE!

REPORTING FROM THE FIELD: The Ripple Effect of Music on the Streets of Lima

MusicGeneracíon hoped that giving the children music lessons and instruments would provide them a tool for subsistence. But teaching a handful of children to make music caused a ripple effect that the organization never imagined...

Read more HERE!



21 children rescued from child sex trafficking in America

News from today: FBI arrested 389 people involved in human trafficking and prostitution, after raids in 16 cities across the country. According to CNN, those involved in child trafficking are facing federal charges, which might end up in life sentences.

Innocence Lost National Initiative, till today rescued more than 400 kids and led to persecution of 308 persons. Last week they held the largest operation since 2005.

Finally someone is being serious about it. I wonder how many of the victims were from abroad.

click on the photo to go to the TRADE web site

If you want to see a recent movie about the subject, watch “Trade” Movie (free online). The story evolves around Eastern European and Mexican girls, human trafficked from Mexico to USA, humiliated, abused and treated like slaves.



“Call & Response - Concert to End Slavery.”

Yesterday I met with the producers of a film called “Call & Response - Concert to End Slavery.” It’s part concert, part documentary film that dissects the modern day slave trade. I viewed the film with them and a hand full of friends. After the viewing, it turned into a prayer meeting. We prayed for protection for the director and his wife (who was also there), the producers, and that the film would make a major impact on those who view it.

It was a very inspiring time for me. I applaud them and their efforts. My heart is 100% behind them, believing they have heard the heart beat of heaven and they are trying to do something to stop human trafficking.

The movie is intended to be a worldwide “call” to action. It hopes to raise awareness of the issue, while inspiring people to “respond,” and lend their voices to the cause. Visitors to the "Call & Response" movie's website are presented with an unsettling video of a young slave girl talking about her life.

The film will be in theaters on September 12, 2008.


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Girls for Sale

New York Times columnist, Nicholas Kristof, double winner of the Pulitzer Price, had a very interesting experience with attempts of rescuing young girls from the Cambodian world of human sex trafficking. This page from the New York Times offers a few articles describing his efforts and the fate of the two girls, who were sold into prostitution, and were purchased with cash by Nicholas Kristof so that they would be freed. Worth reading. Video (a series of videos) of this and related stories from Cambodia.

Also, a video about a Pakistani woman escaping from a brothel.

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