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Four Injured in IHOP Shooting

Several hours ago, I was drinking coffee with my IHOP-KC (International House of Prayer in Kansas City) media team inside the IHOP (International House of Pancakes) restaurant in Grandview, MO when we heard many rounds of gun fire outside. Everyone in the restaurant ducked in panic. Within seconds, four people were shot outside. Before the shooting happened, over 30 cars speedily flooded the parking lot and over 100 teens jumped out. The commotion looked like an agitated beehive. About 20 feet from our table, a dozen teenagers started shouting that their friend was hit. He was laying on the ground. I jumped up to see what happened. He was shot in his back through his liver and they were trying to apply pressure to stop the bleeding. The glass at the entrance was busted and over 50 empty 8mm, 9mm and 45. caliber shell casings littered the parking lot. It looked like a war zone. All the victims were taken to hospitals. Two are in serious condition and one has life-threatening injuries.

Click photo above for the video footage.

Thank God He protected us because we were sitting at the front window where everything happened.

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