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Finally I watched "Bella".

Vivid colors, seems like a slow pace story, but how truly resembles the reality of time passing, decision making, consequences revealing. Cool shots and nice music wrap ups.

The message is so innocently positive, although the story has many hidden tragedies, that it is hard not to think about celebrating life given as a gift to live it fully once again.

Vary few movies can express such passions without relating to some extreme scenes, in order to lure the public. Very few can depict family's history as this in one scene, portraying it with hope and charismatic love.

It's not an action, adventure movie. It does not have a plot which will keep you on the edge of your seat. But it has something that I needed. Hope in goodness, charity, love. It brings healing.



22 weeks. the movie in the making

Forerunner Films has been making a documentary about this story ( a woman having a baby in the bathroom of an abortion clinic, trying to save the baby after initially wanting to kill it). They started 3 days ago and they should be finished tomorrow night.

It started with a vision which a guy called Ángel Manuel Soto had carried for some time. Ángel is an intercessory missionary at IHOP-KC and a freelance videographer. He also attends The Call Institute (TCI) directed by Lou Engle.

He shared this story with theCall class. Lou Engle and others started to pray for the vision to become reality in the making. This vision became Angel's obsession (some people would use the more appropriate word CALLING). People prayed. In the natural it seemed impossible. No equipment, no money. People prayed. After one of the meetings one girl approached him and offered an amount which was like an injection of faith to look forward to this project.

Then the story goes wild. Through some miraculous intervention, He gets an invitation to chat with the director of Bella movie. People prayed. He flies to Hollywood, spends some time with Alejandro Monteverde, director of Bella. He promises some help. People are praying really seriously now.

That's how what was impossible a month ago, is happening right now. Cinematographer, a friend of Alejandro, flew in, and some of IHOP-KC's Media crew (including my American husband) have been engaging in everything. With the budget they have, they had only 4 days for shooting (this will be the cheapest made documentary ever). They are busy, exhausted, overtired (yesterday they were shooting till 3 am) and overworked. But it's all for His glory.

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