Prayer is an amazing thing.

In order to truly enter into Christian prayer, we need to understand ourselves as the anawim, as God's wholly-dependent children, aware of our need even to the point of being overwhelmed with the helplessness of it all, and yet trusting in the immense love of our Heavenly Father, and waiting on His good will. To pray is to give our hearts and our lives to God's unfolding drama.

Oh, how we have prayed.

As coordinator of intercessors, I asked a small group of mostly local fellow intercessors to pray for MajorChange, and for the Onething conference in particular. Several more joined in from across the country as the time drew close, including a community of Sisters. Twenty-five people committed to pray in the 12 hours leading up to the Wednesday morning session that could only be described as a break-through in God's purposes for unity in His church. But it is no coincidence that since the conference I have heard several times "I have been praying for something like this for years," "This has been an ache in my heart for decades." Just today, a man told me he had put it on his prayer list three years ago that the Majors would be able to pull this event together and make it happen. From a general ache to a specific vision, this has not just been the answer to a few prayers. It has been God imparting a desire of His heart into our hearts, and enfolding us all in the drama He intends for His church in this time.

I am quite certain that the story is still unfolding, and the seeds that were planted during the last week in December 2015 in Kansas City will bear much fruit which still remain to be even imagined by us. The ache of prayer will continue; day-in, day-out faithfulness will be asked of all of us; many needs will arise to be met. God is not done. Isn't it exciting?

With all of our hearts, let us tell God "yes" in every way, that we can participate in HIs desire to save those lost in darkness by means of His church, united in purpose and love.