bitsp_s_shaking_hands This was moving, although not a true story. The point of this film was not to be historically correct, but to make one experience the atrocities of war through the eyes of an 8 year old Bruno, son of a Nazi soldier, who was just promoted to a concentration camp commandant.

The world of this little boy's mind, full of adventurous desires and expectations  is unexpectedly entangled with the reality of adults brutal and evil doings. The very few people who are shaping his worldview, his immediate family and grandparents, are forced to make clear choices and live with the consequences in the new Nazi Germany, brain washed by Hitler's propaganda. Bruno is left to guessing and self searching, slowly unfolding the new order of things.  Quiet unexpectedly he meets a friend, boy in the striped pajamas, and that becomes a turning point in his life.

It's a movie about fear, friendship, human consciousness. Worth watching.