We've had five Poles staying in our YWAM style looking basement for two weeks. They came for the Worship Summit at IHOP-KC. The seminar was awesome. Dr Terri Terry blew my mind away. The participants came from all over the world, mostly from Korea, Russia and Poland. I was translating 2-3 sessions a day, simultaneously... which was sometimes quite challenging.

But the highlights from these two weeks were coming from me being able to spend some time with my friends. I realized again, how different the Eastern European soul is from the Western counterpart. We are soooooooo...

relationship oriented,

home-cooked food lovers,

late night talkers,

tea drinkers,

down to earth practical, but also unapologetically romantic,

strongly opinionated, critical, but instantly mesmerized by suddenly spotted beauty,

painfully realistic, but captivated by melancholic poetry...

and many other things...


So... stop saying these jokes about Poles :-)

Well, that's why I wasn't here for a while, but I am back...