...watch the movie called "Arranged", about two teachers from 2 different worlds, one Muslim, the other Jewish Orthodox.

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Both of them come from families with traditional, deeply rooted in faith and customs, families. Both are young teachers. Both don't fit the modern Brooklyn's chick-girl's scheme. Both should get married soon, trusting that their traditional ways of finding spouses must work for them, as it worked for their parents. Both want their opinions and choices to be recognized, valued and respected. Both are surprised over and over, how the outside world boxed them out, without even asking a question. Both are intelligent, beautiful and committed. Both are challenging people around them to reconsider the status quo thinking patterns.

What a breath of fresh air. Someone from the Oscar's crowd should pay more attention to films like that. It is witty, funny, involving, eyes opening and just plainly great.

Watch it on Netflix instant.

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