Another girl from IHOP, Telma Loux, was prayed for yesterday in Lakeland, April 30th. She is diagnosed with a 115 degrees scoliosis, compressing her inner organs.

She was adopted by Derek and Renne Loux few years ago. Derek is a FMA (Forerunner Music Academy) founder here at IHOP-KC. They adopted 3 children altogether and have 2 biological daughters. This spring they are finalizing an adoption of 2 boys from Ukraine, both special needs. Their desire is to build a home for as many orphans as possible, take care of them and give glory to God. Derek is a key leader at IHOP-KC. Lately he is traveling with theCall, leading worship and teaching.

Here is Telma's blog telling about the adoption of these two boys.

Telma is a beautiful, young girl, so full of joy, despite her struglings with health.

Here is Telma's story.

You can watch her being prayed for on April 30th here at about 2:00:00.

They will be there one and a half more days. Please, pray for Telma.