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MBC Jump School is a 48-hour version of our popular eight-week intensive called
Messenger Boot Camp (MBC).

Save the dates if you want to collaborate with the Body of Christ getting ready for a week long (Oct. 29 - Nov. 3) outreach Love L.A. in which Catholics will participate for the first time. If you want to be equipped by those who 'do the stuff' as in the Book of Acts on a regular basis and are training, deploying and supporting the troops, show up at Pasadena International House of Prayer Sept. 29 - Oct. 1 for a 48h intensive Messenger Boot Camp. You will meet likeminded people and will be impacted by the stories of Christ power being manifested in our midst.

6p intro to jump school
6:30p worship and prayer
7:30p gospel of intimacy
9p ministry time

9a worship and prayer
10a the work of evangelism
12p lunch outreach
2p worship and prayer
3p the message
4p intro to encounter
6p final outreach
9:30p debrief
10p release

SUNDAY (we do not know yet how this will look for Catholic cohort)
9a great commandments + great commission teaching at local churches (by
local pastors or our core team) + testimonies from Jump School +
mobilization to next GC2 opportunity (city-wide outreach, short term mission experience, MBC).